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What a beauty have bodies
when they are naked?
It is the normal. This is their natural side,
so they shine
even in the dark.
We are born naked
clothes are coming after
as an attempt to cover the fear.

What a beauty, bodies soften
together by a hug.
Heart is the same; it keeps its pace
and gives life. The sharks are living in the mind.
What is the matter on color skin; from where you are;
where you live; if you are black or white
homosexual or heterosexual
rich or not
all bodies when they are find the Person
will bloom in the dead of winter.

by Evi  Koroni

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Who Am I?


Who am I….

is a Question I Quite often struggle realize 

Are there still good guys left in this the surreal life

Born to be free like the founding fathers say in the constitution

free of government tyranny, dictatorship is a nice list dictatorship is a non solution

Who am I….

I am not the guy to sit back while the elite unfold this evil plan

Or is it just a coincidence where always at war in a foreign land 

I’m just an advocate for truth and a transparent policy

The american people this and the american people that I feel like the government

owes us an apology!

Who am I….

I am not just another average Joe that will sit back and play my part

And let the government claim to fix what they have broken from the Start

I am an advocate for change and that isn’t what whe’ve seen

Who wants a conservative government that doesn’t take away our dreams

Who am I….

I am a believer in we the people

That our government policies aren’t so deceitful

I know our government needs to be changed 

Because you don’t continue wearing an outfit with a stain 

I am a free American citizen, and that’s not just for me its for everybody listening